Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Needing Words of Wisdom Please

Hi, got home and almost started to cry, which if you knew me in person would surprise you. I had went to help someone with their etsy shop because they are way behind in orders. Well, while I was there I heard about several people talking behind my back. These are the kind of people I was told everyone look up to.
If you read my very first blogs you would know I wear dark sunglasses because I have light sensitive eyes. Well, long story short my brother in law had gone to the eye doctor and had surgery and he has to wear dark sunglasses for a couple of days. These suppose to be always nice people started making jokes at my expense. Example. What you trying to be a vampire like (insert my name here.) You know her and her husband coffin can't hold three people. By the way how does she not burst into flames every time she comes out of her house?? I finally come her jump on my shop site to check everything and see the nice new goody out there and someone has copied my work and put a cheaper price on it by only a couple of dollars.
But wait icing on the cake, I have to write a 2pgs Christmas article due on the 15th and you know how I feel right now. Like the Grinch.
I know I shouldn't be writting bad blogs like this, but it sad to say I have know one to talk to right now. I don't want to upset my husband because he likes these people too.
Any words of wisdom?????


  1. Well, you either continue to allow yourself to feel miserable or you suck it up and just keep making your miniatures that you enjoy and move on.

    This is the same advice I once gave my son who was being horribly teased by so called friends at school. Choose a better class of people to associate with and if that isn't possible just let it slide. Or say something like, "nope, that's true, it's only a two person coffin" ...or something like that. They can only make you feel bad if you let them.

    As for the copying, I looked around Etsy and didn't see anything that looked like yours but cheaper, but again, just move on. Nikki's been rabidly copied by someone on Etsy yet she just keeps on truckin', as they say. You should, too.

  2. Tabitha gave you excellent advice Midnight. Do not let what other people say bother you, I am probably 20 years older than you and hear crap like that all the time. I am active in a few community clubs and am "different" than the other ladies my age. I would rather make spooky mini's than go shopping or watch soaps. if we were all the same it would be a pretty boring world. Sounds like your son has the coolest parents in town.

    Victoria ♥

  3. Thank you both, normally I do just suck it up. I guess with everything going wrong yesterday my wall had a crack in it.
    Actually I was going to put a plaque above my door bell reading :
    Yes, it dark inside and Yes she is a vampire.
    I thought about buring it some wood would be nice.

  4. like water on a ducks back, let it roll off baby! those people are horrible, they did that on purpose.

    ignore them, as for copying you...that happens all the time but remember that you thought of it first and you are the original theirs is just a cheap knock off so be flattered

    Big hugs to you Hon