Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning

It findly happen!!!!!!!!!!

I had gotten up at 3am to put more firewood in the wood burning stove. So I was kind of already awake. I laid in bed and then I felt him. First I felt my son 2ft penguin get thrown on to the bed and then next his teddybear. Well, my bed is one of the tall ones (my son has to jump to get on the bed) Well, he jumps up and then the penguin falls down. He get down get the penguin and jumps back on the bed and then the teddybear falls down. So he gets back down and then I feel the bear shoved on the bed. He jumps up again. This goes on at lease 4time; I had to stop from laughting because this was his big moment. (I'm so glad I was a wake for it) Next thing I know I here mom, dad wake up. Yes, I pretended that I was asleep. "What honey, whats wrong."

"Santa came!!!!!" He said it, he said it at that moment I knew I would never forget that morning 4am when my son came in to tell me Santa came to our house.

So I hope this Christmas you made that memory that is forever lock away in your heart. Like the one my son gave me. He gave me a gift that would be with me forever.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Good evening everyone, well Christmas is almost here.

Anyone ready for it?

I guess you could say I can't wait for it. Probably not for what your thing. Its not for the gifts, or the loud family reunion,or even all the food. I guess I'm looking forward to when my 10year son wakes up and come to tell us Santa has come.

I've waited 10 years for this moment.

Some parents are lucky because they have already gone through it several times, but I'm still waiting. I have hope this year that this is the year, it will happen. A very special memory I will treasure for ever.

My son in the beginning didn't believe in Santa. It wasn't from my husband or I. We decorate our house as the Whoville outside and the nutcracker ballet on the inside. We drive to see the christmas lights and make christmas basket for the neighbors. I set out the Christmas cookies and milk.

My son has had it hard, the first school he ever went to made him believe being ADHD was bad. So ever year he would wait in his room for me to get him on Christmas. We would walk into the living room he would refuse to look at the tree afraid he would not get anything because he was bad (because of being ADHD). One of the reasons we had pulled him from the public school for 4yrs. I've work with him in those years and now he's believing. He ask if the roof on the house need any work. That way Santa doesn't fall through and wake him. Or what if he can't sleep will he still get gifts. (We told him the Sandman comes and sprinkles sand to make him sleep before Santa comes.

So now this is our year to get a memory I will treasure into my gray hair years.

So I say to all you that have had this special memory treasure it because one day the belief of Santa will fade and your child will be to old to jump on your bed because Santa had come.

Have a very Happy Holiday.


Make many wonderful Memories that you keep in your heart forever.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Miniatures I've made

I love making these mask. I have 24 of them in a museum in PA.

Maneating plant

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm Back

Sorry about not blogging for a while, but everytime I try to bring up my blogspot it would lock my computer up. I have so many photos to show you. I had some minatures go to Paris and Brazil this week. There was quite a few miniature going off my shelf, which is fine by me. Bill where piling up on me.
Big new my son went back to public school and he loving it. For those of you that don't know my son had a very bad time in Kindergarden. That I had to quit my job and home school him, it took 3yrs, but I had gotten him back to his old self. Well, we talk for a while and he wanted to try it again. No, he didn't go back to the same school, but we found one that was willing to work with us. My son is ADHD, there are many day and night where he seems to be on a sugar high (he could be up at 3am sleep for 2hrs and keep going like he on sugar.)Which meant mom was up with him and believe me there is not enough coffee in the world when that happens, but I love him. I've been told I have adjust me life to fit his perfectly.
I'm glad he went back, but know the house seems quite. I mean I was with him for 3yrs 24hrs a day 7 days a week. I'm been strong my family thought I would break down crying, but what really warms my heart. Is too hear how he has friends that want to sleep over. Funny thing is he has one friend that wants to move in. LOL.
Well, enough of that I hope everyone has had wonderful holidays and I will be getting the photos up really soon.