Friday, November 5, 2010


Hi, everyone does anyone know of a good tutorial on dollhouse cupcakes???? I've been getting ready for a craftshow and really need a cupcake tutorial. Sad to say something that looks so easies has got me stump. My cupcake never look really enough, so my hat is off to those of you that have this miniature down.


  1. There are a lot of tutorials on youtube for minicupcakes but the best thing I've found is to make your own "mold". That is what I did and it works quite well. Take yourself to the hardware store and go to the electrical department. Look for a package of "electrical connectors". They come in various sizes and some packs have multiple sizes. You need the smallest size. These things are what electricians use when they are connecting two hot wires together such as when a light fixture is installed. Ask someone at the store and when you see them, you will know what I mean.

    Anyway...I initially made my mold out of Sculpey mold maker but it didn't hold up well so I switched to the two part silicone putty. But in a pinch you can even use polymer clay. Use the connecter to make the impression in the medium. Then cure/bake it. I made several impressions but you really only need one. When the mold is ready, you just press in the clay. If you use the silicone, you don't need any releasing agent like powder. If you get the amount of clay just right, you will get a nice litte cupcake with the ridges and a nice rounded top. Line them all up an bake and Voila! I used a texute paste with a little cornstarch for my frosting but you can go the route of the liquid fimo mixture and rebake.

    E-mail me if you are not clear on anything. I'd be happy to help.


  2. Thanks you so much, is help big.
    Have a wonderful weekend