Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Home

Well, it's almost done, several blogs ago I talk about taking out a window. Well, here you go, now please understand my husband and I always take on the projects together. Well, this time we had to ask for a little help this time. The new window weight over 200lbs and I could only move it a couple of feet, so I demolished the old window and my husband built the new one. And yes, the hole was mostly window and the color of the house was the light what I call dust color. Now the next photos will show you what we change the window and color of the house too. Where still adding black trim to the house .


  1. Very nice window, that should lighten up your room nicely. Black trim will look good. Nice to see you had good weather for this.

    Victoria ♥

  2. It wasn't to bad about 60degrees out side. We bought a 1890 home so everything has to be redone. The insulation was so bad it fell apart in my hands, so it was nice to feel the warmth having new insulation and a window that doesn't leak. Yaaaaa. I was told by the time where done no one going to recognize the house.

  3. that will be a good thing, our home is still known as the old stein rental I'm afraid we'll never live that down