Monday, May 24, 2010

My table is finish

It took awhile, but I finally finished it. I hope you like. I think the hardest part was making the skeleton coming out of the rock. The poylmer was so fragile and thin if took me a little to get it the way I wanted it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hi, my husband and I just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary we keep saying "Is that it! Feels like 50th years LOL." Actually my husband and I have been together 18yrs. Married for 12th and we dated for 6yrs. He was the first guy I ask out. Now don't get me wrong my sisters set me up with other guys. Never seem to last very long though.
We say we are perfect for each other. I'm the very serious person, I hardly ever laugh sad isn't. It's so bad my husband said something that I actually laugh to and my son yells out, "are you OK mom," When I was a kid I had to grow up fast and learn to take on adult responsibility. So my husband taught me to laugh and I taught him the serious thing organization, fiancees. We're in separable; we could be sitting on the couch watching TV and still be happy just to be together. My husband is already talking about renewing our vows.
It was a nice Anniversary, we went to a marble factory and saw how they made marbles, by hand. Then bought some dinner and cook it together at home. Nice and quite just the way we like it.
I hope everyone finds their other half. The one that fills in the missing pieces of you.

Monday, May 10, 2010

What a Day

What a Day, my 10yr old woke up with head to toe poison Ivy rash. Yuk needless to say I got him ready to go to the doctors. He's ok, but I would of love to have video tape him taking the medications he has to take to get rid of it.. I was pre-warned by the doctor that the medicine was going to taste bad and to have some waiting to chase it down. Well as soon as I got it I gave it to him in the car. Try to picture it.My twin sister in the driver seat, I'm in the seat beside her and my son is right behind me. They gave me a syringe to give it to him. I hand it to him and then my sister starts to laugh so hard see has tears running down her face. Next thing I know I hear from the back and I quota, "Yuks, what sick person made this stuff." I started to laugh so hard I had tears running down my face.

You got to love kids.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Box Tops

The first year we bought the house I found the blocks in the yard and made them into a walk way because there was none when we bought the house. Now 5yrs later my husband told me he didn't like the rock so next year I have to tear the whole thing out. Pour concrete and stamp it with paver print and hope my flower survived.
Hi, everyone.

Box Tops
I have kind of a weird request, due to budget cuts. The school my son now goes to is need more support. Well they collect Box Tops and I was wondering if you just throw them away could you hold them for me until the week of August 31,2010 and then mail them to me. I'm willing to pay for the postage to have them mail to me. Please email me if your wanting to join in on this.

Now the photos I'm listing are of my walk way right now the flower stand almost 2ft tall the seed I planted was only the size of needle top. The cat is Mischief if you have read my blog she the one that climb on top of the roof of the house. Sometime I think because she to see me get her down. LOL

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Up setting

I had wanted to show everyone what I had made for the swap on cdhm. Plus I was going to listed some extras I made next week. But guess what is being listed by others now. Kind of upsetting to see. I want to show more of my project while there in the midth of being made so I can show the steps, but now I afraid that my ideas will be copied. I mean should I look at it as out of the blue days after I had blog about my swap now dragon been hatch. Was a new idea for others. I know I shouldn't be like this, but it kind of up setting. How does one show there skills off, when other take there ideas. Sorry I know a lot of you don't like blogs like this, but I just had to get that thought off my chest.