Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hi, my husband and I just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary we keep saying "Is that it! Feels like 50th years LOL." Actually my husband and I have been together 18yrs. Married for 12th and we dated for 6yrs. He was the first guy I ask out. Now don't get me wrong my sisters set me up with other guys. Never seem to last very long though.
We say we are perfect for each other. I'm the very serious person, I hardly ever laugh sad isn't. It's so bad my husband said something that I actually laugh to and my son yells out, "are you OK mom," When I was a kid I had to grow up fast and learn to take on adult responsibility. So my husband taught me to laugh and I taught him the serious thing organization, fiancees. We're in separable; we could be sitting on the couch watching TV and still be happy just to be together. My husband is already talking about renewing our vows.
It was a nice Anniversary, we went to a marble factory and saw how they made marbles, by hand. Then bought some dinner and cook it together at home. Nice and quite just the way we like it.
I hope everyone finds their other half. The one that fills in the missing pieces of you.

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  1. Felicidades por esos 12 felices años de matrimonio!!!!!
    Yo llevo 32 años casada y estoy segura que mi marido es mi media naranja.
    Tenemos mucha suerte las dos!!!
    besitos ascension