Sunday, May 2, 2010

Up setting

I had wanted to show everyone what I had made for the swap on cdhm. Plus I was going to listed some extras I made next week. But guess what is being listed by others now. Kind of upsetting to see. I want to show more of my project while there in the midth of being made so I can show the steps, but now I afraid that my ideas will be copied. I mean should I look at it as out of the blue days after I had blog about my swap now dragon been hatch. Was a new idea for others. I know I shouldn't be like this, but it kind of up setting. How does one show there skills off, when other take there ideas. Sorry I know a lot of you don't like blogs like this, but I just had to get that thought off my chest.


  1. Its not nice when this happens but all you can do is think its probably because you have inspired someone else i know that still doesnt help but i think your work is amazing and probably too good for anyone to really be able to copy

  2. I really do appreciate your comment.