Thursday, April 15, 2010

You will Not Believe What I'm doing Read for a Good Laugh

My 10 yr old son came home on Monday stating they had wrote a story in class. Each child had to roll a dice 4 times to see what characters they had to put in there story. My son had gotten a lion tamer, princess (he was not happy about this one LOL) Alien and a sand storm. Now the parents have to help make shadow boxes with them. I knew I had this, a miniature artist helping her son out making a shadow box. The teacher was going to send supplies home to help the parents of course I said no need.
We grab a shoe box print photos of pyramids for the background, because it took place in a desert. We make a book because that is where the alien was captured. We made a tornado out of polymer and roll in crafting sand for the sand storm. Then he looks at me and said, " I need you to make the lion tamer out of polymer. By the way it's now Wed. night. "WHAT"
"Mom I have faith in you." With a big smile on his face.
"You may, but I don't this late at night."
The next morning I went to the store grab a bag of those $1 army men and now I'm adding polymer to him to take him from army to He-Man right now.
Boy, was I played.
Well for those that would like to read his story hear it is. I'm typing this the exact way it was written.
The Lion Tamer Hero
I am a sixteen year old muscular boy. I am a lion tamer and I am world famous. I am intelligent and talented. I am the best circus performer. I was born in Alaska, I perform at the top of the mountain.
One day, I found a book that can do anything. It was like magic. Once a spaceship crashed in the ground and an alien came out of the ship.I escaped the alien and destroyed them using the magic out of the book. It sucked the aliens into the book! I know I must keep this book out of the wrong hands, like people who would like to destroy the world. I have to hide the book in a place far away, where nobody will guess where it is.
I was on the plane to travel to Japan to hide the book underground. But we crashed and landed in the desert. The plane could not be repaired, so I was stuck in the desert. I walked and walked and walked until I reached a town and I met a mysterious princess. She didn't speak at all. She walked away and I walked away to explore the town to see what goes on in the town. After awhile a sand storm came and everybody went for shelter. Soon somebody pulled me inside their house before the storm hit. A Person started talking saying to be more careful. If the sandstorm would have hit me, I would be a goner.
Two days later the sandstorm is gone, now I run into the mysterious princess again. She spoke and said that if she could take a ride far away then we can be in a better place and live in a palace and be happy forever.


  1. I want to see pictures of this intresting concept your son came up with. Better make a lion too.. can't have a lion tamer without a lion.

  2. He had taken the shadow box to school today.But Thursday will be open house and I will take a photo of it. To show off.