Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I've finished him

He glows in the dark!!!!
I've had a hard morning already and it was only 7am. My two cats decided to make sure I started to get gray hair today. I've been trying to teach my cats not to go across the road. Well, my 10yr old thought it would be funny to teach his cat Dawn to get on the school bus with him. Well right there should give you a clue of what this story is about. And yes, if you want to laugh go ahead. Well, my son gets on the bus, Dawn see him and runs towards the bus. I run after Dawn, bus takes off and truck comes barrelling down the road. I scream and dive for Dawn, truck misses Dawn by a foot. So I pick him up scolding him like a child. Telling him I'm going to by a baby crib for him if he want to be outside he would be put in that.

Thennnnnnnnnnnn I look up and my other cat (name Mischief for a reasons)decides to climb a tree a jump to the roof of my house. Well, she can jump on to the roof, but she can't get down. Now I'm grounding one cat and putting him in his room to go get another cat off the roof. While the dog is sitting and watching the whole thing wagging his tail. I knew he was laughing at me. Needless to say both cats are fine, I now have a few more gray hairs.

But I did finish him and wanted to see what you thought.


  1. gotta love cats! Mine is an inside cat and she constantly tries to run out the door at the most inopportune times. Guess that's why the have '9 lives'...they need them!

    Your dragon is very cute. He looks so sweet, and glowing in the dark is a definite bonus. Also wanted to comment on that chair you and your husband made. Very nice indeed. The coffin couches would feel right at home with the chair! :o)

  2. sounds like you have your hands full but its fun though my cats are always upto mischief i even have one that answers me back when i tell him off lol....i couldnt imagine life without any of them and there are six i love your dragon and i enjoy visiting your blog very much great work

  3. Oh, I love them very much.But someday they remind me why I only had one child.LOL.
    Thank you for your warm comments.