Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've lived in my home for 5 years now and have had a tornado come close to knocking on my front door at least 3 times now. The first one my husband and I where grill stuff green pepper with tomatos sauce, it was dark out side nothing to bother us. Then it started to rain, but where still grilling. People start to drive down the dirt road looking at us where. Next we see news vans fling by and then the phone starts to ring. We found out the tornado was directly 5 miles from our house. Nothing happen, the winds pick up the rain came down hard and then sun shine. The funny part of the whole thing was that was the best stuff green peppers we had. LOL
Second time we were sleeping luck my son was over at grandma's house. All of a sudden wind hit are winds, there was a high pitch sound. My husband yell at me to get away from all winds, I thought the windows where all going to blow out and then it was gone. From what we were told there was a tornado close to our home.
Third time my parents had showed up. We need the weather seem wrong; the clouds where very low. All of a sudden the house phone starts to ring, cell phones are going off. A mile away from our house it is pouring down rain, cars are being pushed off the road. Hail is coming down size of golf balls, but not a drop at our house. We live on a hill and can see the town over (which is approx. 6-7miles away) there is pitch black clouds over the town. All around us the cloud where not looking right. My husband which never painics is running in to see the news and running back out side to see the cloud. You have to understand where we live unless the wind hits a certain way we don't hear tornado sirens. So how do we keep track, look to the sky! The third time happen this year.
Long story short the tornado started above our house.
Next time I will take photos so I can show a tornado up close.
Oh, I should add don't where about us. We have a all concrete storm shelter. The things you become use to.
So tell me about something you become use to where you live.

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