Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crafters block It as bad if not worst then writer block

Hi, I need to vent a little and who would know better about what I'm talking about then other crafters too.
I had a dollhouse hutch get smashed at the post office. (The buyer and I are fine we have everything work out).
I think when I got the hutch back something in me started to mourn the lost. I know some of you might think that weird, but think about it. How many hours did it take to create a piece of art. Didn't you put your heart in to the piece you created. Well the miniature had over 20 polymer roses that there petals where paper thin and vines growing up the hutch. Things that where glue down so tight that there is still big residue left from the glue has been pulled from the hutch. Hey, but the box and foam that sealed the hutch are all in perfect condition.
I think at that moment I lost creativity.
What a horrible moment for several days I couldn't even look at my craftroom. It was killing me.
I just now have slowly started up again and you know what had done it for me. 2 kittens found there way to our house. Abanden of course,scare and straved, but if you knew my family our we took them in.
We were told by someone there is a reason you where put on this earth. Ours we figure out is : We will take your abanden,broken,abused, and love them.
Have you found out what your is?
Well, for the past couple of days I've been help taken care of these kitten. They are tiny (with out the tail 1 about 6'' he has a bad paw he can't walk on, but he manages and the other is smaller. He much more timet and the bigger watches out for him.) But now their starting to trust us.
I guess I need something else to show me the light again and thanks to these 2 little kittens my creativity is back. I'll have a photo so you can see them. One is orange and white with gray as the center part of his eyes, but with an outline of blue. The other is gray with an orange patch on the top of her head.
When you watch them you can't help,but smile at them.

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  1. So Sorry about your doll hutch! I know how much work must go into each of your intricate creations! Those kittens found you. I'd love to see some pics! I've hand raised my fair share they make really loveable cats! hugs :) Becca