Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alot of Everything

Sorry I haven't blog for a while, been so busy my husband and I have fallen a sleep on the couch a couple of times. So this blog is a little of everything from the 12x24 pool where putting in. If you know me we try to go reuse things. So I found someone that was selling this pool and we had talked him down to $300 for it. The sand a friend had on his property needing to get rid of it and the work is sweat equity. I tilled the area we need to put the pool for 5hrs straight. Needless to say I got heat exhaustion afterwards. My husband in the photo is taking the tiller and using it to help pulling off some of the top soil. So there will be some photos of my son and husband working. Once its finish I post those photos. There will be some photos of projects I've finished and listed today. I'm so proud at how the chest came out. Yes, I hand sculpted the flower and tree. Plus some photos of some roses bushes I got on clearance 2yrs ago, They where one single sticks and now, well you'll see the photos. I very proud of them.


  1. I just Love your Fairy Trunk. My favorite part is the tree.

  2. I love all your work but i especially like the blue and yellow flower here. you are just so very clever

  3. Thanks you very much. It was something I thought I would try and now I'm glad I did.