Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It came It came

I like to give a biggggg Thanks you to Kat the Hat Lady for my Mad Hatter Hat. So Love it.

This is my first Miniature.(That I didn't create)

My husband and I have been on a very strick budget. I never could afford to buy anything for a collection. It's called the Dave Ramsey Plan. If you don't know him he comes on the radio Monday-Friday8am-11am 1440am channel. He teaches you how to pay off bills. Well, my husband and my goal is to pay off our house before he turns 50 which is in 10 years. So with the budget like Dave Ramsey saying goes: You live like no one else does so later you can live like no one else does.

So I always look, but didn't touch unless it was for my miniature business.

But I made a little extra and purchase a mad hatter hat.

It might be a while before I'm able to get some more miniatures to add to my collection, but for now I'm happy to be able to look at it and know I have my first miniature.

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