Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This is my husband(18yrs together) and son 10yrs age. They love to fish together, my son caught this fish.
Hi, everyone sorry it's been a while since I last posted.

Spring fever has hit. So my husband and I are starting to purchase stuff to fix up the house. We had bought one of those homes "AS IS homes, we thought it needed just a little TLC." This year we have a window that is single pane. We're going to replace it in 2 days. That means this8x8 window once we take it out is going to leave us open to the world for a day or two. I live out in the country, greatest fear(waking up with a fuzzy skunk on my chess)My husband keeps teasing me about it.

Well, Sunday I saw an ad. for gravel. We like to go green when possible. It was wash gravel we just had to go pick it up our selves. AKA you shovel it into the bed of your truck by your self. So here we are my husband,son, and I shoveling 1 ton of Pea gravel for our flower beds. Plus let not stop there we really wanted to make ourselves hurt the next morning. My husband and I decide to go get a cored of wood for the fireplace.

Of course I look at my son, handed him his gameboy and he played while my husband and I load the one-ton truck. But where not done yet. We had purchase a pool last year (got a great deal from a person that kids out grew it)I'm a bargan person. Well long story short ran out of time last year to put it up so where trying for this year. We had to purchase a new liner in which we had gotten over $50 cheaper, the sand we thought we where going to have to purchase. A friend had 9tons said he'll just give it to us, But we have to go get. I think this is the year to get it up. You should see my son smile everytime I say something about the pool. I guess all the hard work is worth it.

Just to see him smile.

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  1. I'm the same love a bargin! Post some pics of your house progress. I enjoy all that stuff. Makes me want to go get some paint!