Monday, September 21, 2009

Son B-day

Hi, everyone sorry I haven't put any Halloween treats up for you. My son b-day was this weekend; he wanted a Lu-out. Most of the decor. was home made so I had a lot of work, but that how my son like it. I started making alot of his party items because he would pick theme that there was hardly any decor. out there for. One of my favorite is the Skateboarding/Carnival theme. So many people wanted to know how I was going to pull that off. Well, it was easy!!!! Instead of pin the tale on the donkey I change it to place the wheels on the skateboard. I made the skate board out of felt and wheels too. Then added Velcro to it. He also had a b-day he wanted all his favorite color. Well, I've type this blog in his favorite colors.
I made brownee with white frosting and blue/green m&m's. Everything was done in his color. Truly I can't wait to hear about his next theme.

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