Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Saying and tutorials

Hi, I just had to bring this topic up. I just now realized how old I am; when the kids are talking and some of the things their saying I don't understand. Here are a couple of them (with there definitions) I had my husband laughing when I said them to him.
"Ezzy Squizzy Lemon Peazay"
Which means ( no problem)
Would of never guest! LOL
Now if someone ask if you believe in destiny or faith
"The world is French toast"
Which means (takes a lot of things mix together for the outcome)
I love this, please if you have heard anything new please post it here. I would love to hear some new saying.
Now onto some Tutorials
Flower pot
paints:brown, green, copper
moss or fine grass
glue optional
Aging flower pots. This would be good for dollhouse or even your home.
Pick a flower pot you want to age (me I like to use a clay pot)
Now paint the flower pot using brown, copper, or green. Sometimes I will make a black flower pot and then age it. You can see that on the Eyeball flower blog I wrote. The affect of aging the flower pot looks best when you use brown and green. Then while the paint is still wet. Use some moss or fine grass (you get it from the train section of a hobby store) roll you flower pot in the moss/fine grass. Add as much as you like or as little doesn't matter. Now on the moss you might have to add a little glue on the back side to help hold it down.

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