Thursday, June 11, 2009

Leap of Faith

This leap a faith I talk about happen about little over 3 years ago.

First you must understand I have work all my life. I remember babysitting (I mean I stay over the week watching children when I was 12) I had a job at McD's when I was 15years old. I would go to school then go home long enough to get dress for work. If I didn't have enough on my plate I added night school on top of it. My night school teacher was so dumbfounded that I was doing day school, full time job, plus night school. She had to stand up and tell the class about my hard working. (I wasn't behind in school I just wanted to take typing.) So that was just a little history for you. I was branded by my dad one saying," you have to work hard if you want anything. I had gotten my first TV buy working at McD's, by then I was 16yrs. old. Funny thing was I met my husband there(we've been together 17yrs now; with a beautiful 9ys old son) Yes, by now you can calculated my age. So I'm not old and yes I'm old hahaha.

Now let bring this story up several years. I have a state job and been in this positions for 5 years now. Health benefits, retirement, everything I should be working for. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to am I happy at my job nooooooooo, I actually hated my job. Let just say I hard ever got the nice people to talk to. It was a job to help support my family. My husband was working on his schooling as a carpenter. Toward the end of the five years at state was the ending of the schooling. My son was now starting school. How excited my husband and I where. We where going join the PTO, help out when ever we could.

Well, let just say it didn't happen that way. My husband and I spent many night in the basement so we could talk and not have our son hear us. We talk about homeschooling our son and me quitting my job. Yep, you readed that right me the one had a job all her life, now with out one. I was scared, I thought about it everyday and dreampt about it. I manage our budget I knew we could do it, but it was going to be tiet, no extra spending.

I talk to my twin sister she told me take a Leap of faith and do it. The next day I went to my boss and gave her a 2 week notice. As the words fell from my mouth so didn't my stead pay check,retirement, and everything I was taught.

Now what I do .

Take care of my family and teach my son.

I was told I would get bored, I'm a person that love to mulitask. How was I going to survive not doing everything I was always used to doing.

Well, one day I sat on the computer looking for a hobby.

I found dollhouse miniatures.

Fell in love now I make them.

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