Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Favorite

I know I should be outside by now spilting wood with the log spilter, but that thing scare the heck out of me. My husband was teaching me how to use it because we used to use an ax and wedge. His last words to me is "keep your head back or if a piece of wood could take your head off." Oh yea that makes me want to use it. LOL. So yes I'm procrastinating on going out there and instead I though I show you two of my favorite thing I've been collection. My husband had gotten him the year we moved into this house. He stands over 6ft tall (if you have seen a photo of my son. He nicely stood by the nutcracker for me.}Sorry about the wall behind him I'm still painting the living room. These are just a few of them.

Oh I can't forget this one {Grinch its my purse his eyes glow in the dark} and yes I know it's a big different from the 2 nutcracker photos, but I never said I was normal. Love the Grinch so nutcracker ballet inside and whoville outside.
So do you have any favorites????


  1. That is the wildest purse ever LOL. I have never seen a nut cracker that big, he is beautiful!

    Merry Christmas
    Victoria ♥

  2. You should see my Grinch socks I'm running around in. My goal is to find Ginch slippers in my size.LOL I love traditional nutcrackers, I've gotten to go to the ballet 2, now I'm so busy I can't go, but I have it on VHS.
    You also have a very Merry Christmas