Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pet you wish you had

HI, I've been so busy lately. I've finish up couple items and now I'm working on a commission someone ask me to make for them. It's a secret right now until it's finish, but when it's done I'll tell you all about it. I'm kind of excited to share it.
Couldyou see himprotecting your home

With my orders, my son being sick and taking care of the house. I just needed a little time out. So I went to the window and there they where approx dozen large crows.

I've always wanted the strangest pets. Crow that sits on my shoulder as I walk around town. Black panther with a diamond collar to protect the house. I almost had a brown bat, but the said truth hit me. Call me weird it's ok. I not sure how to describe it, but the sound they make almost brought me to my knees. I had a headache all day long. (Long story short: My husband brought one home and into our kitchen. In a box, it was at his jobsite and he didn't want it to be kill. So he brought it home knowing I've always wanted one.) And last,but not lease a black wolf.

You could say I had my dog (wolf)and my cat(panther)

I would love to hear what out of the ordinary pet you wish you could have.


  1. I've wanted an Indian Flying fox (largest, cutest bat in the world), a clouded leopard, an albino Burmese python, a black wolf, a crow and a snow owl. You're not the only one who's wanted some bizarre (not to mention dangerous) pets! =]


  2. My son and I where watching a program on bats. Of course they should this very small bat. He wanted it. Then this guy turn around and had a bat on him the length on his back all black. I was in love. All I could think of was white diamond collar.
    I do know to purchase a baby lion is $500. I was check in on it. I had talk to a person that own an elephant.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one.